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World Negation is a hardcore band from southwest Germany, influenced by present heavy hardcore bands as well as 90’s NYHC.

Formed in May 2013, the band is a product of passion for hardcore music and desperate fury about the world today.
No fuss, no frills, no hype, just relentless hardcore defined by self-esteem and human conflict.
Fast and tight guitar riffs followed by heavy breakdowns while lyrics are screamed with anger.

Being in bands of different styles for years, the members of World Negation formed an aural spirit
in a unique sound – standing strong against the high tide of adaption and suppression.

REJECTED BY HELL is World Negation’s new single, the first release after 6 years, with a new lineup and just in time for their 10 year anniversary.
REJECTED BY HELL is a foretaste for more to come. There’s a new record coming and it’s gonna kick your guts and drag you down to the ground.