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Almost nine years (!) after their last release, the SpeedBottles from Idar-Oberstein (Germany) are back with their third album „Get Down And Pray“ (03.03.2023). Apart from the age of the band members, who have all left their twenties behind, not too much has changed: Punk and hard rock are still the boss in the ring here, and lyrically they still don’t take themselves and their environment one hundred percent seriously.

Songs like „Low Budget Band“ and „Speedtrain“ tell of the life of small bands that roam the small clubs of the republic for meagre fees, for the sheer joy of rock’n’roll. „Traffic Jam“ celebrates the joy of traffic that has come to a standstill and „Hat Man“ laments the suffering of hereditary hair loss. And yet the SpeedBottles also deal with other topics, albeit in their own way: „Nuke The Whales“ offers creative suggestions for dealing with our planet and its inhabitants, „Rat Race“ in turn describes the decadence and decay of our consumer society. A topic that has been discussed many times and has not lost its explosiveness.

The once young band from the region Hunsrück celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2022. Simply because the former boys have never stopped having fun writing music together and performing live. Reason enough to celebrate this with the new album „Get Down And Pray“, their first for Barhill Records.